We are non-experts in Mexico City. My husband surprised me with a birthday weekend away there, which means I didn’t even do a cursory amount of research before we arrived (although he had, hence this list). It’s always a good idea to learn more about a city before you visit, but for Mexico City — a densely-populated 573 square miles (NYC, for comparison is 305 square miles) where the best food is street food and English is not the primary language — it is especially true. However, we still had a great time. Here’s what we were able to fit in.

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el parnita.[yucatán84,罗姆北部]我们去了这个“antojeria”(意思是:小渴望)因为他们应该有一个优秀的Mezcal选择。这是我们第一次介绍,如果我们讲西班牙语,它会有多大帮助!幸运的是,客户帮助了美国订单。注意:Mezcal是为了啜饮,没有拍摄。想想它就像苏格兰威科茨一样。

Maximot Bistro[Tonalá133,Col.罗马]由许多人推荐,这是我们拥有的最好的佳肴之一。我们订购的Aguachiles,Red Snapper,Roasted Porcini和Lamb非常出色。当我使用标记为H而不是M时,我只会简单地尴尬自己。

Limantour.[Av. Alvaro Obregón 106, Roma Norte] Cocktail bar that made me a comically elaborate (but delicious and not overly sweet) punch and my husband a perfect, fanfare-free margarita (hallelujah!).

比克[总统Masaryk 407 Col.Sexcha Polanco 11550]祝我生日快乐晚宴。我们订购了几个汤(洋葱很棒),几种朝鲜蓟,花椰菜和牛排。不知道我们认为这是一个不要错过。

Taqueria El Turix.[Emilio Castelar 212 Col. Polanco] If you’re only going to make one thing, you should make it especially well, and this they do: a pork carnitas in a rich sauce, served in tacos, tortas (sandwiches) or panuchos, the latter (two crispy tortillas with refried beans between them and this meat on top) was our favorite version. We had to go back and get two more.

达西瓦[奥斯卡王尔德12,Col.Polanco]好吧,也许这是一个链面包店(有许多我们会尝试更多的时间)但这并不意味着Pasteis de Nata和巧克力榛子 - 紧缩堆栈,没有人应该在他们的终身中错过并不陌生。其他世界,甚至。不糟糕是我们酒店的几步之遥。

With more time or dinner availability, the restaurants Pujol, Nicols and Quintonil also came highly recommended by friends.



吃墨西哥圣胡安市场之旅[details这是奇妙的。像很多人一样,我的吻nd of tourist that tries very hard to not stick out as one. Because of this, I haven’t done a lot of group tours in other cities. I’m so glad I got over this because 1. Realistically, given that I speak about 10 words of Spanish, nobody is mistaking me for a local. (I’m teasing myself here.) 2. There is 100% of no way I would have even known which alley to have gone down to find half these things, and even if I had found them, I wouldn’t have known how or what to order. I wouldn’t know the context of the foods, either. I would have read that pulque is slippery and never tried it (it’s delicious). I would have walked into a bar where we stuck out like a sore thumb and turned back around. If we had more time, I would have gone on three more tours, happily. [这里有一些由食者推荐。]

在我们的第二个全天,我们徘徊在周围。我们开始了美术宫,做到了Zocalo.,偷看了大教堂虽然群众正在进行(它令人惊叹),但检查了它背后的废墟,然后向上达到了Palacio Nacional.to see the Diego Rivera murals that detail the history of the area. Don’t miss this. Not only is it free, the whole area is quiet and idyllic (and, as it’s good to know these things, had the cleanest free bathrooms we saw on our whole trip), a lovely escape from the hectic streets. Later in the afternoon, we went to theMuseo Nacional deAntropología。不要错过这个。



  • 说西班牙语有助于帮助。如果您没有,请确保您的手机上有漫游计划,以便您可以给谷歌翻译锻炼。
  • Tours are fantastic. See more above.
  • 这是一个大城市,所以周五下午有很多交通。从机场到达我们的酒店需要很长时间。在高峰时段(约1至下午6点)之后长期或长时间抵达,如果是一个选择。
  • 我们听到了有关出租车情况的混合事物,并使用了优雅的服务。它廉价且非常可靠。汽车快速。
  • On Sundays, many restaurants are closed, or they close early. A big mid-afternoon meal seemed much more the norm; we saw lots of tables sprawled with large, happy families. We didn’t realize this earlier and had somewhat slim pickings for dinner. (The restaurant was fine but not even worth mentioning here.) Next time, we’d earlier, like everyone else.
  • 是的,餐馆的水甚至炸玉米饼架很干净。是的,你可以喝它。(我知道人们会问这个。)来自Eater:“合法地区(和Hotel)必须为过滤水供应。大多数街道站也是如此。“
  • The best food is street food.
  • I’ve linked to it a few times above, but Eater published墨西哥城的一个巨大指南just a couple months ago and it’s excellent.