An ever-evolving list of places I love in NYC. Restaurants open, close, and change menu items all the time, so please use this as inspiration rather than gospel. Want more objective NYC considerations? Try食客(我特别喜欢他们的热量图和季节性最好的地图)或格鲁布街orThe New York Times餐厅点评。

对于更多的建议,包括较新的收藏(如Win Son,Di An Di,Little Tong,飞行),检查“NYC”(1,2,3 ...)保存的Instagram故事@debperelman

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And to answer a very frequently asked question, “What restaurants are kid-friendly?” All and none. Aside from the common sense of not taking your kids to heavily tweezer-ed 10-course tasting menus where they say “Chef prefers…” a lot, skipping the cocktail bars with small plates menus, and presuming your kids aren’t human tornadoes at restaurants, I think most restaurants have the potential to be kid-friendly. Go as soon as they start serving dinner and you won’t be the only person there with kids. If you’re unsure, just call them and ask how they feel about kids. If they’re unfriendly about it, well, you wouldn’t want to be there anyway. And ask if they have a kids’ menu; often they’re not published, but they have a few adapted dishes or portion sizes that could make your life easier.

A sporadically updated list of my favorite tasty things in New York City:



Baar Baar|East Village | absolutely incredible cocktails and Indian food; I dream about the dahi puri and the lamb ribs; we mostly get small plates and go for date nights
咖啡厅altro paradiso|西萨哈|from the chef behind Estela, an Italian restaurant; I can never resist the stracciatella (inside-out burrata), the octopus is the best I’ve ever had (don’t think you’re an octopus person? you haven’t had theirs yet), and if you ask nicely, they’ll make half-portions of the pastas (so you can order more, yess).
Cervo’s|下部侧面|tied with Bar Baar as our current favorite for date nights, this is an oyster and seafood bar (but the piri piri chicken is fantastic, too) with wines and flavors from Portugal and coastal Spain; don’t even think about skipping the crispy shrimp heads or the butterflied prawns
M.上海|Williamsburg|my favorite soup dumplings, vegetable wontons in spicy peanut sauce, beef in “awesome” sauce and string beans, anywhere
St. Anselm|Williamsburg|everything comes off a grill and is exquisite; we’ve never had a bad meal
Joe’s Pizza|Greenwich Village, East Village and Williamsburg|每个纽约人都有一个喜欢的切片;这是我的(但是,见下文:Scarr's)
兰周|曼哈顿的唐人街|a Chinatown staple for hand-pulled noodles and perfect-every-time fried dumplings
Maison Premiere.|Williamsburg|great place for celebrations of the oysters and champagne variety and more; a little bit Paris, a little bit New Orleans
咪咪成的|East Village|只是饺子,全部都是优秀的,用质量的成分制成;我最喜欢的是鸡 - 夏南瓜
Motorino|Multiple locations|当斜坡在赛季时,我总是得到坡道披萨,recreated here但是(SHH)我认为初学者(茴香和橙色沙拉,烤朝鲜蓟,烤辣椒,章鱼)是饭的星星
Sullivan Street Bakery|Chelsea|如果你知道Jim Lahey的名字来自这么多庆祝的食谱(没有揉面包,这个令人惊讶的好威廉希尔娱乐zucchini pizza),你需要去他的咖啡馆,那里有更多的好东西(包括他所有的比萨饼和面包)而不是我算数。
Via Carota|西村|from the chefs behindBuvetteandI Sodi这是我们的前3个餐厅;我们在变化的勃起菜单中,鸡肝吐司和Cacio e pepe.。我们经常跳过意大利面,并分开一个人或两者,这一切都是微小的;他们做了一个意思的黑人


|Noho / West Village|circa-1915 cafe that’s意大利开胃酒天堂,加上他们有小板材
痞子|East Village|伟大的葡萄酒选择,更改菜单和一个非常热情的东西,许多人是tabla(Deb的长期最喜欢的NYC餐厅于2010年关闭)明矾


Breads Bakery|联合广场|疯狂的哈马塔森selection, famed chocolate babka, almond croissants
Davey’s Ice Cream|Multiple locations|最好的开心果我在意大利外面,巧克力几乎松露 - 颓废和我丈夫最喜欢的饼干和奶油
甜甜圈植物|下部侧面|my favorite: the crème brûlée; husband’s: valrhona chocolate
ess-a-bagel|Stuy Town / Peter Cooper|our favorite NYC because the seed application alone is传奇的; they recently reopened after a very dark year where they’d lost their lease. My advice? Their lines are staggeringly long on the weekends. Order yours for pickup (they don’t deliver, anyway) and there will be a shorter (but not nonexistent) queue for it.
Fresco Gelateria|East Village|ludicrously good homemade croissants, ferrero chocolate/hazelnut gelato and the nicest service in town
Orwashers|Upper East Side|99 year-old bakery with awesome黑和白曲奇饼, homemade bread, doughnutsfilled to orderwith your choice wonders


All The Greenmarkets|特别是联盟广场+大军广场|there’s a reason why NYC Greenmarkets are so special: every single thing, including the flour for bread, is grown within a 100-mile radius of NYC; you’d be crazy to come to NYC in the summer and not walk through Union Square piled high with everything fresh and delicious on earth at least once
Buon Italia|Chelsea Market|意大利特色,但主要是我加载我最喜欢的意大利面,濑户,这是廉价的启动
Kalustyan’s|Kip’s Bay|在地球上的每一个香料上,最迷人的肉桂选择,mujadarra和准备好的食物冰箱的蔬菜汤是我的长期收藏
Murray’s Cheese|Greenwich Village and Grand Central|出于某种原因而着名;如果你爱奶酪,不容错过
New York Cake and Baking Co.|Madison Square/Chelsea|if you’re a baker, it’s not to be missed.
Saxelby Cheese|Chelsea Market|100% American farmstead cheese, mostly from the Northeast; a unique selection!


Bonnie Slotnick.|East Village|可能是烹饪爱好者的地球上最大的地方,邦妮出售已使用的食谱,并且是食谱知识的百科全书;她几乎总是那里和纽约最美最好的人;该店最近从西村重新安置了它的长期家
Kitchen Arts & Letters|Upper East Side|a cookbook store with passionate staff

Small type:
*I kind of hate having to say this at all, but just wanted to footnote that I still have a ‘no free stuff’ policy on Smitten Kitchen. Everything listed on this page is a reflection of something we sought out on our own, and paid for with our own pocket change. And the kids’. We shake them down for loose change all the time.

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  1. Sammi Green

    I think you are the new-age Julia Child of American cooking. I am a 67 year old cookbook obsessed woman and I have to tell you when I really want to learn how to make something or make something “perfect” I always use your recipe to do it! Thanks for being so obsessed! You are truly a joy, my dear Deb! and those kids are just absolutely adorable! May you live a long and healthy life! Love you❤️Hubby handsome too( so he doesn’t feel left out!)

    1. cathydellinger


  2. Jack

    Deb, made your Zabar’s pickled slaw and was thrilled to feel like I was at Zabar again. An easy and delicious dish. Brought it to a pool party where everyone raved. Thanks, I look forward to trying your other recipes. Jack

  3. Steffanie


  4. Marie Porreca

    下次您在Murray,Pop Next Store到FaiCco。工匠萨卢米,早餐香肠,培根,米饭......相信我,你会谢谢我

  5. 罗宾邓恩


  6. 凯西贝尔

    I know foodies stick their nosies up at the UES, yet there are some wonderful spots to check out: Agata & Valentina, Il Vagabondo, The Carlyle, Papaya King, Four Seasons, Quatorze and Eli’s, just to name a few

    1. deb

      There is no anti-UES snobbery here; this is simply a list of my favorite haunts, and like most New Yorkers, I spend the most time in my own neighborhood, the Lower East Side. But I appreciate your recommendations and will check them out.

    1. Kay

      I just went to Izzy’s Smokehouse in Crown Heights. It’s a kosher certified bbq joint. The brisket and beans were delicious. Dining in was a little odd so maybe take out might be the way to go. The location you order and pay in is very small, so there is seating next door but the awning says Medical Supply Store lol.

  7. I am really disappointed that you think there isn’t enough good Thai here…clearly you haven’t been to Woodside and Elmhurst? In fact, there is no Queens in the above list or Bronx or SI. I have followed you for years and find that a bit disappointing. Glad you listed Buon Italia over Eatily but also think you should check out the 100 year old DiPalo’s in LIttle Italy…Café Gita e was an excellent “old school NYC” nod! Back to Queens, John Brown (bbq), Dutch Kills (cocktails) and oh Chinatown in Flushing deserve some attention. And Afghan, Greek, Egyptian, etc. out here!

    1. deb

      这样的一个页面的一个警告,我try to express from the top, is that I am not a resource for Best Of recommendations in NYC. It’s not my specialty, or even a gap I aspire to fill, not by a long shot. I’m just someone who lives here and has my favorites — and I happen to live in Manhattan, so that’s where they’re centered. I created this page because despite this, I get a lot of requests for my go-tos, so I rounded them up. This is not intended to replace any of the more serious, well-researched resources for finding the best food in NYC.

      That said, I’d love to hear about your favorite Thai restaurant. When Ngam opened in the East Village, it was like a breath of fresh air in what had been a unending chain of “Spice” restaurants.

      1. 梅根

        我意识到我对这个派对迟到了,但是当我读到那部分时,我尖叫着“小罗勒!!!”这是第26和第3 Ave。在过去的几年里,它是改变的所有者,但他们与旧的,如果不是更好的话,那就比旧的,如果不是更好。奖金:它是Byob。

  8. Sam


  9. Ginny White

    My friend Renata sent me this blog – I’m visiting NYC this weekend for 5 days and can’t wait to try out some of these places – what a great review x

  10. betsy


    1. deb

      There are more great restaurants than I could list on 10 pages (but there are 6 Brooklyn ones on this list right now). Eater has great guides to neighborhoods if you’re looking for more. Let’s see, we love King’s County Imperial (the garlic chicken!), we had a great meal over the winter at Metta (sit at the counter), Chez Ma Tante. Roberta’s is now really a classic, so is L&B Spumoni Gardens. And if you’re looking for something vacation-y and retro, Randazzo’s Clam Bar in Sheepshead Bay. :)

  11. Lori

    你可以为两个或三个伟大的汉堡店发一点吗?不是100美元的Waygu牛肉汉堡,但常规汉堡!我的儿子和他的女朋友刚从这里搬到了纽约州纽约(堪萨斯城)。她的生日是下个月,他试图想到一些经济实惠的特色事件。她吃超级健康,但想要沉迷于她的生日汉堡。他一直在研究 - 我知道你可能有一些很好的意见!我很欣赏你所做的一切,DEB - 享受那些小伙子。时间苍蝇和24岁后,他们做了勇敢,独立就像到纽约一样。而你对他们来说是如此幸福,但你像疯了一样想念他们。:)

      1. deb

        But I asked a foodie friend for you, whose favorite is Minetta Tavern. She says that Peter Luger and Little Owl both have amazing burgers too, but only at lunchtime. Enjoy!

  12. em

    I just returned from a 5 day trip to NYC. I got loads of recommendations of places to go…and the only recommended place I went? Sullivan St. Bakery because Deb said to. It. was. AMAZING!!!!!! THANK YOU!


  13. mmcarlson.


  14. thea.

    最后一天在纽约(从澳大利亚访问)和我汁液t had the most smitten kitchen day. Amazing chocolate babka from breads bakery, went through the green markets and saw ramps on sale, saw an ad that said “best advice: put an egg on it”, had dumplings from Mimi Cheng’s and Ferreo gelato from fresco. I’ve been to so many places on this list this holiday and every single one has been worth it. Thank you so much for your recommendations!

  15. 爱的爱情这份列表如此之多,我刚从我的一篇文章中挂钩!而且我很高兴你包括泡菜队 - 为我的孩子提供1/2酸,3/4对我来说,热情的酸。


    And of course, my favorite New York eatery of all time has to be Levain. I need to start experimenting to see how close I can get in my own kitchen…


  16. 帕姆迪克森

    我们现在正在吃美味的玉米纸蓝莓咖啡蛋糕!我制作了一份野餐早午餐,以庆祝我们的侄子的第一个生日 - 但他生病了 - 所以我们必须自己吃掉它,切割两倍大。无党派?没问题!
    We’ll manage… somehow= ; – )

  17. 非常感谢这个列表,我们花了一个周末n New York at the end of November, and thanks to your recommendation, had a fantastic Indian dinner at Baar Baar. The cocktails were delicious, as were the lamb ribs, and the restaurant is just so beautiful. We also enjoyed slices from Joe’s – wishing that you could get New York slices in Canada….will just have to come back for a repeat visit!

  18. jessica

    Deb,感谢您分享这篇文章!如果Pandemics允许我们在下个月飞行,我们有计划访问NY。我会尝试访问您的推荐点,并将执行您提到的事情。我是一位专业的自由作家,我主要在这个问题上写下与健康有关的主题 and help students with assignment ready on different academic topics. But this time, I am having a wish to write something related to travel! You inspired me on my way!