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Is this a good place to admit that I almost never ate potatoes growing up? I tell my Russian husband this and he’s baffled. Mashed? No. Roasted? No. Fries, only at restaurants. Tater tots, from the freezer on a too-rare occasion. Baked potatoes were definitely a dinner menu item and I don’t think anyone had anythingagainstpotatoes, just not a strong pull towards them. Needless to say, if the archives here are any indication, my kids will not be saying the same. And yet despite the焗烤,这crispy crumbled, themelting,brown butter mash那这kugel.twice-bakedand the安娜那I still crave potatoes in ways I have yet finetuned a recipe for, and this brought me to a surge of lemon potato studies over the winter.

all you will need矮胖的楔子准备烤加入肉汤和柠檬汁

Greek lemon potatoes (patates lemonates) are a classic for good reason: crispy edges, tender interiors, and steeped with lemon. They’re often served plain or a side with roast lamb, chicken, or another big Sunday meal. Typically, Russets (or Maris Piper in the UK) are used, and they’re often parboiled before roasting with, garlic, oregano, and olive oil are always present. Some have an added spoonful of semolina for extra crisp. I tried them all. They were all delicious. But I realized what I was yearning for in a lemon potato was closer to the roast-braise infusion ofmelting or fondant potatoes:育空金土豆,没有煮沸的肉体,以及在烘焙时间的最后三分之一的肉汤和柠檬汁水坑。这种方法产生了如此多的味道和丰富性,土豆似乎几乎在边缘漂亮时融化。平底锅果汁减少到粘稠,强烈味道的浓度。这些可能不是最传统的,但我发现它们阳光明媚,完美。

lemon potatoes


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  • Servings:4 to 6
  • Source:William Hill娱乐迷人的厨房
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听着,它不会是一个击打厨房菜谱wiWilliam Hill娱乐thout at least one dose of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-show in these photos, but today, as a treat, there are two: I tested these with different potatoes including the more traditional Russets (shown here) and while they’re all great, I vastly prefer these with creamier Yukon gold potatoes. Use what you’ve got, but if you can get golden, waxier potatoes, these are even better. I also prefer to roast them in a metal, not white or stoneware, baking dish or rimmed baking sheet — it goes faster, gets more crisp, and sticks less. Regardless, use what you’ve got and you’re in for a treat.

  • 2磅育空金(理想情况下)或赤褐色土豆(见注释),纵向剥离和四分之一进入厚楔形
  • 4 tablespoons olive oil or 3 tablespoons olive oil plus 1 tablespoon unsalted butter, diced
  • 2 teaspoons fresh oregano leaves, minced or 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 精细磨碎的热带和两种柠檬汁(约1/4杯汁)
  • 1/2茶匙新鲜地面黑胡椒
  • 3 to 4 garlic cloves, peeled and smashed
  • 3/4 cup broth, chicken or vegetable
  • 切碎的新鲜欧芹或莳萝,加上额外的柠檬片或楔形,完成

    Heat oven to 475°F.

    In a 9×13-inch rimmed sheet pan or deeper baking dish (ideally stainless steel, coated, or stoneware, not glass*) toss potatoes with olive oil, oregano, salt, zest, and pepper evenly to coat. If using butter, dot it over. Roast for 15 to 20 minutes, until potatoes are well-browned underneath. Use a thin spatula** to turn potatoes over, sprinkle in garlic cloves, and return to the oven for another 10 to 15 minutes, until mostly browned underneath on the second side. Pour in broth and lemon juice all over and return to the oven a final time for 15 minutes, or until potatoes and garlic cloves are tender and liquids have reduced to a very thin puddle. Let rest for 5 minutes before serving (any remaining liquid will absorb), sprinkle with herbs, and serve with additional lemon wedges.

  • 几,可悲的是,付出惨痛的代价,玻璃can break when faced with a big temperature change, such as pouring the cold broth and lemon juice into the very hot pan near the end. If you only have glass to roast in, warm the broth before pouring it in, then, once it’s in, cold or room temperature lemon juice is fine to add next.
  • 这个刮刀是我永远的去

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  1. jenH

    Loooove lemon potatoes! If I wanted to make these for Easter, which involves an hour long drive – should I do the first 2 roasts, and then finish at the destination with the broth/lemon before serving?

    1. Laura Gatzos

      Hi Jenh,

      I’ve made a similar recipe and they heat really well as a finished product. I wouldn’t think that you would need to divide up the cooking time.

      We frequently make more than we need at a holiday meal, and when we reheat the leftovers the next day, we find that the potatoes retain their flavor and texture nicely.

      Deb may also offer some advice, but this is my experience after nearly 17 years of marriage to a Greek man. :-)

        1. Natasha Griffiths


      1. renee.

        Do you think it’s necessary to peel them? I’m fact, in your last photo, it almost looks like some aren’t peeled.

        1. 凯特


  2. Kim

    just about to go to the store for hummingbird cake ingredients, and now I’ve added Yukon golds to my list! I already know these potatoes will be fabulous. I’m a lemon girl! I even have the spatula because you told us to get it ages ago for the crispy fried eggs. It is indeed a forever go-to. Speaking of lemon…I made the crispy chicken cutlets for the second time last night. Anyone reading…do it! Makes the best chicken sandwich ever Squeezing lemon over them takes them over the top. And make the sauce with Mayo, grainy mustard and hot sauce (I used a squeeze of harissa from the tube).

  3. Laura


    我会说,对于我所做的大多数希腊烹饪,我坚持用干牛至,而不是使用新鲜。When I’ve used fresh oregano, my husband complains the flavor isn’t quite what he remembers as a kid, when his mom and his Yiayia used the dried stuff (the Costco-sized container of oregano that’s a constant fixture in my in-law’s pantry confirms this). I can appreciate the nostalgia associated with the taste of comfort food, so I am happy to oblige.

  4. Maggie


  5. 维多利亚麦卡伦

    Oh yum. I used to go to a produce stand run by a Greek family. One day the patriarch was eating his lunch outside. It smelled so good and I asked him for the recipe. It was basically yours but pieces of chicken were roasted with the potatoes and garlic and lemon. The potatoes not only had the fresh lemon and garlic creaminess but the fat from the chicken added to the crispy crusts. So good.

    1. 凯特erina, Athens


      1. 艾米莉L.



  6. Kelly

    Are these inspired by Taverna Kyclades? Because they have the best lemon potatoes ever, and even though I’ve tried greasing the staff multiple times, I can’t get a recipe out of them. These look fantastic though.

    1. deb

      I’ve actually never had them there, but I live close enough to one that I should. They are inspired by Greek lemon potatoes in general, so I bet it’s close.

  7. deb

    我在配方固定两个错误,对不起!- 1。You want to use two lemons, not one. 2. You don’t need to mix in a bowl, just in the baking pan. You can watch a recipe demo这里!!

  8. Marianne Porter.


    1. Deanna

      If I ask my husband what he wants for dinner, he turns into Samwise Gamgee, “ Po-ta-toes! Boil them, mash them, stick them in a stew. Lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish.”

      He usually ends up disappointed.

      1. 梅根rasila.

        I’ve been told that when I was 2, when asked what I wanted to eat (for any meal) “potatoes”. For an entire year. I still love them. There are family jokes about everyone else getting their potatoes before I get mine.

  9. Chelsea

    delicious! I made these for my parents since I’m off work today. There is one single piece of potato left on the baking sheet since no one wanted the blame of being the one to eat the last piece.

  10. 希瑟


  11. eliza

    This looks so delicious and so perfect as a side for our lamb dinner! But I already bought a pound of red potatoes….. Do you think I could use them here?

  12. Greek here! Love your take on this traditional side of ours. From experience, if you find yourself not quite achieving that high standard of your yiayia’s dish or a tavern in the greek islands, it’s the olive oil.

    Lots of oil. Like, LOTS AND LOTS of oil. If you show a Greek grandmother that you measure oil by the tablespoons she’ll probably scoff and kick you out of her kitchen (been there). My mother always adds so much olive oil that I whimper a little – but her potatoes always end up amazing, never oily, zingy from the lemon and mustard. Almost like a potato confit.

    1. Btw I can attest – in Greece we always dry our oregano, I don’t think I’ve ever had fresh oregano in a dish. But that’s only if you go for authenticity – if you love fresh oregano best, you do you!

  13. Marie M.C.

    I haven’t had a chance to try this recipe yet but I wanted to share my tip for getting the most juice out of your lemons/limes. Cut them in half then nuke them in the microwave for 35 seconds. If you want zest — zest them before nuking them. Squeeze them using this squeezer — I get no money recommending this product. I just know it’s the best. Plus the one I have has lasted about 20 years,https://www.amazon.com/Last-Lemon-Squeezer-Yellow-Green/dp/B089XC5F6H/ref=asc_df_B089XC5F6H/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=492117641666&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=5196407806813256043&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9031961&hvtargid=pla-1156237028110&psc=1

  14. 乔安娜

    这里的另一个希腊语 - 我们的家庭使用的方法是在开始时添加所有液体。它烤出了,你仍然让小酥脆的目的,更多的味道吸收到土豆里。使用Yukon Golds,您可以获得更多脆性烤土豆(我在其他语境中爱过,但我是一个纯粹的传统柠檬土豆崎岖的罗布!

  15. 玛丽亚

    I wanted to makes something like this for Easter, so thank you for your recipe which came just in time. However, I could not find “Yukon Gold” at the market, but I found “Gold Potatoes.” Are they the same?

  16. Bonnie Rotenberg

    Ohhhh this is one of my favourite ways of making potatoes!!!!Growing up in Toronto we had and still have a very vibrant Greek community and this dish reminds me of the traditional Greek restaurants on the Danforth and going into the open kitchen and choosing your favourite dishes.
    As we are in lockdown I think I will make this tonight.

  17. Made these potatoes tonight, on my GAS GRILL, because my kitchen is being remodeled, for once didn’t have Yukon Gold, so used russet. DH’s response: OMG, make these again!

  18. 球座


  19. 鲸鱼

    My grocery order subbed teeny tiny mixed baby potatoes (gold red blue) for my Yukon potatoes. Think I could still attempt this? And by teeny tiny I mean like the size of half a Brussels sprout of the tip of a thumb.

    1. Terri.

      From what I read, yes and yes. EVOO isn’t recommended for temps greater than 350 but refined, pure grade olive oil is. Deb’s recipe calls for olive oil, but not EVOO. I use refined olive oil for frying and roasting, and save my lovely EVOO’s for dressing, dipping and finishing.



  20. (Faith) Bledsoe


    And can’t wait to try these potatoes for Easter lunch!

    1. deb

      There is a print icon that leads to a print template at the bottom of each recipe, where it says “DO MORE:” You can also click CTRL or ⌘ + P from any recipe post and it will take you to a streamlined print template. We will definitely make it easier to find when we next redesign.

  21. Eliza

    YUM! Super easy and perfect for our Easter brunch. The biggest potato lover in our house didnt love them though but she enjoyed them. I think I will make them again but lighten the lemon a bit.

  22. 凯特e


  23. 雅典娜Barnjak.


  24. 很高兴你发布了这个食谱。我制作了一个类似于希腊烤土豆的食谱,但食谱使用更多橄榄油。很高兴看到这个配方少一些。关键的成分是鸡汤。谁知道?!
    Thanks for this!

  25. Naomi


    1. Fran


    2. deb

      Oh no! That is terrible news; I’m so sorry. I never roast in glass so hadn’t even considered this. I will make a note in the recipe to avoid using glass or to first warm the liquid. :(

    3. Erica

      我也有一个瓷贝克的问题,即使只有450 *和*刚加热的股票 - 第二液体击中的烤箱,也有一个不祥的裂缝。(谢天谢地,没有一直传播的发际骨折。)马铃薯非常好,但我不情愿地附加精神“小心!”这个食谱。

      1. Bea

        Thank you! You are so kind! I’ve been meaning to make that chickpea recipe. This will be dinner tonight with the lemon potatoes.

  26. jP—Seattle

    I made these last night with a mix of red and sweet potatoes (red is what I had for regular potatoes, and my wife prefers sweet potatoes or yams over regular). A couple of the sweet potato pieces got a little too done (my fault; I should’ve adjusted temp or time given the different potato but didn’t) but we just picked those out and devoured the rest. Extremely good!

  27. 莎莉


  28. Lynda Handley

    Thank you for this recipe, Deb. I served the lemon potatoes with slow roasted shoulder of lamb and they offset the richness of the meat perfectly. Definitely, a keeper.

  29. 杰米施泰纳

    我甚至不喜欢土豆,但是这些都是惊人的!!!So soft and lemony, but with rich roasty flavour.

  30. Tessa


  31. 凯伦

    Whenever I use a metal pan I always line it with parchment paper. Would that make these less crispy? Should I just put the potatoes directly on? Are you using a non-stick metal pan or not? I’m always afraid of scraping off the coating on a non-stick pan. Can you also comment on what kind of olive oil you use? Not extra virgin? I am afraid of getting a lot of smoke at this temperature.

    1. deb


  32. 安娜

    Made this today to go with “First Contact Day salmon” (the Vulcans will meet us April 5 2063, per Star Trek) and I found it to be absolutely delicious. The potatoes nearly melt and the chicken broth adds a great savory flavor. Since my potatoes were quite small I only halved instead of quartered.

    Oddly, my husband insisted that these tasted spicy- maybe he got a big bite of garlic? My assessment was savory, tangy, and creamy.

  33. 这看起来很美味,谢谢你这个伟大的食谱!我已经制作了黎巴嫩 - 阿拉伯语版本,称为Batata Harra,它使用香菜而不是牛至,而是相同的柠檬品味。现在会尝试你的版本!

  34. 艾琳娜·瓦普塔斯贝克

    I am Greek and LOVE lemon potatoes. I have searched and searched for the perfect recipe. I finally found one a few years ago, but predictably don’t know from whence it was sourced and have been unable to replicate it. This one, though. BLISS! And NOW I know where to find it the next time I have a hankering! I ate them over a bed of arugula with some sauteed mushrooms and some Israeli feta and it was everything.

  35. Northeastern food fanatic

    I had 1 lb of Yukon Golds and 1 lb of fingerlings in the house and decided to use both as a taste test. They were equally tasty.

    I used half the amount of lemon zest and juice and half the amount of broth (vegetable stock) with the possibility of adding more, but didn’t. To us that was plenty of liquid and lemon flavor.

  36. I had to laugh about Russian husband baffled with not-eating potatoes as a kid, so true!!! In Soviet Union we ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Potatoes were everything!!!

  37. jP


    1. deb


  38. MN

    We’ve made this several times this week already- so good! On the last batch, after the first 20 minutes of cooking, I added a few thick stalks of cut up asparagus from our garden, and then continued the recipe as written. It was really delicious, I think it might be great with other green veggies, too. Thanks!

  39. Elizabeth

    I made these potatoes for Easter and they were delicious! Note – I did not peel the Yukon Golds before slicing, it saved a step and did not detract from the rich taste. I will definitely add this to our menu list!

  40. Ioanna


  41. Amy

    OMG these were ridiculously good! So good there was almost nothing left of the 2 lbs of potatoes, and there were only two of us! We had them with asparagus and swordfish neck – if you haven’t had that pleasure yet, run right out and get yourself some from your favorite fish guy. Consider the neck tip my gift to you, after all these years of such fabulous recipes : ) .

  42. 土豆是我国美食的主要成分之一。我吃了很多东西。但从未尝试过柠檬。这看起来很美味,我必须试一试。谢谢你的食谱!

  43. 艾米莉SG

    These are great. Not super fussy but delicious. Will definitely make this recipe again, possibly experimenting with the herbs. Can imagine that dill would be nice.

  44. Suzanne Jones

    I didn’t read the other comments, because I am coming to this recipe a bit late. Let me just say that I love Greek lemon potatoes to an insane degree after eating them in a Greek restaurant in Chicago years ago. I have tried many recipes, but even without trying your recipe yet I can see that it is wonderful. THANKS! I feel vindicated in my weirdly fierce love for this dish.

  45. 莎拉L.


  46. fahreen.

    天哪,这个食谱是炸弹!我制作了大约4磅土豆 - 用薄薄的皮肤黄金黄油奶油土豆,留下了皮肤。食谱翻了一番,它是现货!搭配波斯koobideh kebabs和希腊沙拉。
    Thank you for another hit recipe.

    1. Amy

      How many people did your 4 pounds serve? I am hosting 12 here Saturday and wondering if doubling will be enough. 3 little kids and 3 big kids (hungry teenagers) and the rest adults. Thanks!

  47. AP

    So amazing! I served these on a bed of arugula as a side dish for pesto pasta. I used avocado oil because of the high temperature of the oven. The lemon flavor goes really well with peppery arugula!

  48. 安娜

    These were 10/10 *chef’s kiss* – I made them for a small dinner party tonight and they were probably the best thing on the menu. I followed the recipe exactly, and they turned out fabulous. So creamy and lemony. I can’t believe how much olive oil is involved, but it’s worth every calorie. I will absolutely be making these again.